Istanbul: attacco a infocafè anarchico

Istanbul: attacco a infocafè anarchico
Riceviamo e pubblichiamo il comunicato del Collettivo Anarchico 26A’s Cafè a istanbul su un operazione repressiva avvenuta ieri contro il loro spazio.
Anarchist Collective 26A’s cafe in Kadikoy-Istanbul has been harressed by the riot police today. The police, with the pretext of basketball match security, occupied the street of the cafe. Morever they tried to ask for tea. Naturally the murderers are never given anything in 26A.
Police get annoyed and closed both ends of the street with the pretext of “security”. Police, “offended” by this “discrimination”, didn’t let the people coming to the cafe into the street. Moreover they harrassed the volunteers with identity control and called the municipal police of Kadikoy for regulatory control. When it didn’t work, they continued their harrasements with undocumented worker control for our cafe where everyone is a volunteer of the colective 26A.
Many people including people from revolutionary organisations in Kadikoy showed up for solidarity against police harrasement. Police took a back step as a result of revolutionary solidarity and determination of the volunteers.
The murderers of the oppressed, will have nothing in our collective!
#PoliseÇayYok #NoTeaForPolice
26A Anarchist Collective

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